Client Testimonials

I have been suffering with on going, progressive back and neck pain from trigger points and muscle spasms for the last seven years.

Physically, my shoulders rounded and my back hunched as if I was imitating the walk of an 80yr old. I’ve seen MDs, DOs, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists- you name it, no improvement. My only real relief came from a steady stream of vicodin and muscle relaxers. At 24 my doctors were preparing me for the very scary possibility of being on permanent disability before I hit 30. Then I found Renee.

Right from the first appointment I knew I had finally found something different. Trigger point massage isn’t your typical relaxing massage, but it sure is a lot more effective. Regular sessions with Renee over a few months had me off the pain meds, back to a normal posture, and most importantly gave me my life back. She even works with you to help you learn how to control your trigger points on your own. I’ve also learned to control my headaches and jaw pain, things that I’d assumed were unrelated.

I couldn’t recommend her more!”


I have been suffering with Achilles pain for about 2 years combined with or resulting in, lower back pain. Each day when I got up, I walked around stiff like Frankenstein, for over an hour every day. Oh yeah, I was doing all of the curb stretches before and after running or biking, all to no avail. In fact, I was getting a lot of my information from Google, so of course, I knew it was correct. Nothing helped and usually I made it worse with my self-diagnosis and so called computer therapy. 2 sessions with Renee and I do not have the miserable Achilles pain any longer. I no longer have to stop on my long runs  due to pain. She has now moved to my lower back and related trigger points and that too has stopped all of the lower back pain. Bicycling is now a treat during long 75 plus mile rides, no more back pain. Along with the cure, Renee provides excellent tutorials and instructs on the proper way to stretch and prevent the chronic recurring pain. Quit the bad stretching techniques and quit Googling bad information!

If you are looking for hot pebbles on your back and Foo Foo massages with oil and incense, she can do that too.  But if you are looking for a state of the art trigger therapy massage that heals what ails you? Renee has the answer to your problems. I have recommended to all of my associates, family and friends.”


I have had many massages in my day and I will tell you that Renee is the first therapist that asked more questions than normal, and explained what she was going to be doing and how it would help me.  WOW, what a difference it has made.   I feel great and my aches and pains are few and far between. I have had chronic shoulder pain for years and it is gone, no more pain!   I have NEVER gone back to the same therapist twice just because no one has ever made an impression on me.

Renee was extremely professional and she even left me with tools so I could even help myself between sessions.  She is an artist at what she does and her passion for making people feel better shows in her work.  I almost feel like she gets as much out the sessions as I do.”


A Very Happy Client for the Past Year I have a lot of issues with neck pain and standards methods of treatment never worked. Renee worked magic on my neck and I was pain free. She is very passionate about what she does. Besides working on you, she educates so you can help yourself. How often does that happen? I highly recommend her!”


I first started using Renee at my chiropractor’s office.  She went out on her own and I pursued her treatment and it has given me better and freer movement and keeps getting better overtime. I will no longer be keeping my problems at bay and will not need to see my chiropractor any longer. I liked her so much that my daughter now sees her and a work associate as well.  I refer her to everybody that has similar problems.”


Renee, the last two nights I slept soundly and for 6 hours! What changed in my life? Two very different and unique massages from you. I usually get three per week of all types. Not even my favorite therapist who moved to Denver was able to help that way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My clients will thank you also because my mind will work even better.”