Structural Integration & Organization

Structural integration Therapy taps into four elements:

  • Structure
  • Function
  • Emotion
  • Energy

The body is realigned using proven connective tissue (fascia) manipulation techniques. We all experience some form of stress in daily life, both emotionally and physically, and it’s a known fact that we store these emotional issues and mental stresses in our soft tissues which ultimately results in tightness and density. Over time these issues can result in a loss of movement and flow of fluids through out the body which are needed for overall health and well being.

Structural Integration and Organization aims to realign the body holistically through soft tissue manipulation and repositioning of the underlying muscle tissue beneath the skin. This method ultimately results in a re-organization of these soft tissues and helps to retrain the body and signal it to hold proper overall alignment. As the body realigns circulation improves for those necessary fluids to finally get-through, properly hydrating and cleansing the affected areas. Proper alignment is paramount to not only achieving whole body health, but to also alleviate recurring pain and discomfort.

Structural Integration and Organization can be extraordinarily beneficial. The process to achieve proper results varies by client, and maintenance may be necessary as a preventative measure .

At Deep Tissue San Diego we will do our best to determine the best course of action to help you feel your best!