Intelliskin, Performance Posture Apparel

Intelliskin Image of Shirts on Man and WomanIntelleskin’s “Intelligent” shirt is proven to improve posture, thus reducing risk of injury. Whether at work or on the playing field, nearly 80% of adults will be affected by back, neck, or shoulder pain at some point. Much of this discomfort is due to problems with posture and can be improved using IntelliSkin products.

The good news: with IntelliSkin posture apparel, you can get immediate pain relief, a broader sense of well-being and self-confidence, improved performance, and reduced injuries. Best of all, with repeated wear, the instant posture improvement develops into long-term posture improvement and provides many healthy benefits that come with good posture. Stand tall!

Deep Tissue San Diego and Renee Stone are proud to offer this product via our website. Click HERE to purchase your very own “Intelligent” shirt.